5 special (awesome) facts about Delhi girls

Bold and confident :

Delhi girls are bold and confident, they know what to do in life and they work hard to achieve goals.

Independent :

Special thing about Delhi‘s girls is that they are independent, they don’t need a man to protect them and show them the way. They can take care of themselves whether its day or night. They want to become financially independent and work for it.

Open minded and frank :

Delhi girls are open minded and energetic, they are not afraid to go out with guys either in group or with their boyfriend.

Smart and well dressed :

Delhi girls are no way behind in dressing sense.The sense of each girl is different and unique.Especially,the college going girls try the funky attires.They are very faisonable.

Good at bargaining :

Delhi girls are very cunning and very good at bargaining.Personal experience,I have seen girls bargaining at Janpath market,near CP.

Delhi girls have good taste and they know the best places to eat.

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