How is the life of an Indian Forest Service officer? How much is the job valued

Indian forest service is one the three AIS apart from IAS, IPS. Life is as good or bad as other AIS officers . The primary specialization is regarding Forests and wild life.

DFO is Distt/divisional head and is equivalent of DC, SP in his area of responsibility. Every distt has this trinity of DC,SP and DFO working in tandem. Also Many IFS do go to deputations to centre govt as well.

Many IFS officers like Mr. chaturvedi who was Chief Vigilance officer of AIIMS (who even won magsaysay award) have done great job. IFS officers can serve in many ministries, deptts and PSUs.

Job value is among the best that a govt job in india can offer. Salary is equivalent to other two AIS services. 7th CPC has recommended absolute parity in pay among 3 AIS.

Though IAS and IPS may seem more glamorous and in limelight all the time, IFS subtly ensure that the Forests,Natural habitat, wildlife, atmosphere etc of the nation is safe, secure and flourishing

Indian forest service officers work under Ministry of environment and forests(MoEF)

Their duties include:

1) Protecting and preserving rich heritage of forest resources . This includes preventing illegal logging of trees, poaching of animals etc

2) To implement National forest policy framed by MoEF from time to time.

3) devise plans for legal commercial exploitation like timber etc.

In a nutshell, IFoS officers are expected to save the forest as well as wild life. Apart from that, they are also expected to curb illegal wood cutting.

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